Friday, April 2

Band on the Run

Normally a four day weekend would be an ideal time to play and finish some big name titles however Carls has managed to pry me away from the Playstation to visit family in Lennox Head.  Does this mean I will abstain from gaming for four days of sunning and err.... funning? No! This nerd will play on and even possibly become accustomed to natural light at the same time.

What are you playing over the Easter break? I'm planning to spend some time with Half-Minute Hero on the PSP. In Half-Minute Hero there are several game modes to choose from (only 3 are available from the outset , there are another 3 to unlock). Hero 30 pokes fun at many cliches of the RPG genre and manages to pack all the dramatic weight, grinding and looting from a standard title into 30 seconds! Add a fast-paced, LOL worthy, speed metal soundtrack and so far I think I have a winner in my hands (Portable gaming joke, I am on fire!!!). Evil Lord 30 is a tower defense game which is so far the weakest of the 3 initially available modes and Princess 30 is a competent dual stick (imagine the face buttons as a second stick) shooter. I am hoping to bring you updated impressions of Half-Minute Hero on Monday.

I'll be picking up Just Cause 2 this weekend. The demo was so incredibly ludicrous that investigation of the full game is required. My brother is already enjoying saddling up on top of passenger planes and grappling his way across Panau. From the 30 minutes I had with JC2 I firmly believe that this is the game that Mercenaries 2 should have been.

For those of you with PSPs, the Australian/PAL PSN Store is discounting some very notable PSP titles for the next 2 weeks. Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, Tekken 6, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars have about 50% shaved off their price tags so be sure to take advantage.

No matter what you end up doing this weekend, please have a safe and Happy Easter. Can't have anything happening to my 5 strong reader base!


  1. And a happy Easter to you too, Sir.

    Ended up playing more Bad Company 2 and Lost Planet 2 multiplayer...and I think I'm in love with the unique/polarising gameplay of LP2. Consider it a target of purchase.

  2. I loved the original Lost Planet's multiplayer. Movement was rigid but VS suits and disc grenades really made for some memorable moments.
    I was never a fan of the Monster Hunter w/ guns single player campaign though.

  3. I am curious about LP2. I may have to try it out. BC2 is still a mammoth game. I love that game. And I am also considering picking up JC2, because that game was really fun in the demo.

  4. Lost Planet is good fun, just keep in mind the physics are wacky. No fall damage. Grapple hook has inconsistent range and trajectory. You can also shoot grenades to make them detonate before nature intended. There is nothing better than shooting an opponent's grenade just as it leaves their hand. Awesome!