Saturday, December 11

The Last Day - A Wedding Haiku

Today is the day
Two lives join and become one
After two long years

I've always loved you
But soon we'll sign some papers
Make it official

Rarely we argue
All of my faults, you accept
Almost too easy

Of weekends spent with consoles
Watched, and never judged

You knew what it meant
To find solace in fiction
For me, games. You, books

There is more to us
A shared desire to wander,
Learn, joke and converse

Your strong ambition
At times, intimidating
You make me so proud

With our boy, Bosca
We make a happy household
Hair everywhere

Now, please take my hand
Our hearts and will to combine
I'm yours forever


  1. Luvverly. I wish you guys the very best!

  2. That brought a tear to the eye dude. Awesome wedding, I am so happy you two finally tied the knot. Congrats guys.