Friday, May 20

A Missed Opportunity

This week I’m sad.

Not sad in the way that I’ve just colour coded my underwear drawer or bought, watched and enjoyed however many seasons of Glee there are (I have done none of these things, I swear), but sad in the way that I’ve just wasted an opportunity.

The opportunity of which is I speak is the very same one from last week’s post. After receiving a free Gears of War 3 beta code, I was slightly more than excited to get onboard with destroying the Locust hoard and getting my Lancer wet.

Unfortunately I was away most of the time the beta was active and in my possession so when it came time to actually play it prior to its Monday cut off, I was too tired and overworked to play it.

Not only did I miss out on getting online for the first time, I also missed out on tasting a game I’ve been lusting over for months.

Disappointment aside, the news of a bunch of new releases made me happy. Until Gearbox change their mind (again), Duke Nukem Forever is only three weeks away and Rockstar’s LA Noire is now available. I don’t think I’ll be into LA Noire at all but the premise and overall game play really intrigues me and I’ll be interested to see how it performs.

I’ve never been one for detective games or interrogation, with the exception of the brutal methods seen in Call of Duty. I think Rockstar have really put a lot of thought into it, creating a gaming world that is quite unique. A far cry from the usual GTA releases, LA Noire might be the serious, grown-up game that no one expected from the masters of criminal behaviour.

More news and details on Modern Warfare 3 were released this week (if not I finally pulled my finger out and found the pulse), which has also excited me. Weapon imagery, key characters, timelines and more were apparently revealed through Kotaku (I found out via YouTube) and it’s put many gamers into a frenzy. Although it’s not due out until November 8 and it will be one of those titles that breaks sales records (again), I’m pretty keen to see where the story goes. Let’s face it, the campaign ending to MW2 was poor at best, with a sequel required to make up for it.

A new Lego instalment has arrived in the form of Pirates of the Caribbean, which at first glance seems to be a good fit for the Lego brand. I’ve downloaded the demo and will be getting into it soon. I’m fairly sure it will be the usual build stuff, break stuff with a pirate/beach feel but it’s a Lego game so no one in their right mind will take it seriously.

Finally, Brink was released earlier this week which will hopefully prove to be a winner. If not, the trailer definitely is.

What are you playing this weekend? What upcoming releases have caught your eye?


  1. Brink and LA Noire are currently on their way to my house. Very much lookingn forward to both of them.

    Are you a Lego man, TJ? I used to be huge on the series, and actually bought the latest Star Wars instalment for the 3DS but haven't yet played it.

    Sorry to hear you missed out on Gears 3. There's always September, right?

  2. I have heard mixed reviews on Brink, which has led to my trepidation in actually buying it. LA Noire on the otherhand is the complete opposites. The reviews for the little gem has me wanting to pick it up (although I will probably wait for a little bit to get it).

    On the subject of MW3, I really hope the storyline isn't just some ridiculous over the top bullshit (but this is most likely going to be the outcome). On the MP front, I really hope they don't make it rage quit central with Danger Close and unlimited noob tubes!

  3. Close to finishing LA Noire... but I don't know if I want it to end!