Thursday, June 2

Super Fun Happy Movie Time

I’m not sure if you’re aware but there’s this site called YouTube and it has all these videos on it...

Of course you’re aware; you have a pulse and an Internet connection. Anyway, what makes YouTube such a success is the fact that anyone can pick up a camera and make their mark on the world. Whether you’re a fat kid playing Star Wars in your garage or a Suit in a movie studio trying to sell the next feel good hit of the summer, YouTube has something for you.

It’s now become one of the most recognised sites on the web and links into most major companies, brands and franchises with content made professionally and amateurs aimed to enrich, inform or degrade.

Where am I going with this? YouTube is becoming a leading source of information for me when it comes to games and movies. For example, when my hopeless Xbox Live connection failed to let me watch a new release trailer/information piece, I sauntered on over to my PC, fired up YouTube and watched it.

And I’m glad I did because what I found looks great.

Recently Call of Duty released a new online gaming service called Call of Duty Elite for the COD multiplayer community. Basically, Elite allows players to compete as teams or in clans, providing much more of a social COD experience. It also allows you to share information such as maps and weapons info and you can even read live feeds on your opponents to get a better idea of their playing habits. Furthermore, you are able to see how your performance rates against others, which will show trends to help you become a better player.

Elite also allows you to make videos of your games and upload them to Facebook and YouTube using the Black Ops Theatre Mode. This is how the introduction movie was made and it makes for entertaining viewing.

As regular readers will be aware, I’m yet to venture online – I’m sure once my children are old enough to sleep in or sleep on their own I’ll be able to free  up more time to play games but for now it’s at a bare minimum – so I want to know what you think of the offer.

Clans are nothing new for online FPS - Battlefield 2142 has a number of them, and I’m sure a heap of other games do too. Despite this, do you think something like Elite will enhance the COD experience? As an outsider looking in, I’m impressed and think it will work well, and although I personally don’t care to read about your freshly earned PSN trophy for something you did in some game while I’m on Facebook, I like the idea of getting together regularly and competing as a team, similar to a sport. Not only does it sound fun, I also think it would be cool to watch. Just like this BF 2142 knifing video.

I really would like to know what you think about Elite (not about the knifing video) and its potential as a new online platform. With the hype behind Modern Warfare 3 already starting to ramp up despite its November launch date, I don’t think Activision/COD have missed the mark - they could be on the verge of something great. To get more info and register as a beta tester (I’m not sure if it’s open to Australians but worth a try if you’re interested), visit here.


  1. Bungie has offered the same level of support with Halo 3, ODST and Reach for free. There is a paid option of course, but the free offering was comparable to what Activision is asking 9 bucks a month for.

    Scary thing about that of course, is that Bungie has recently been acquired by Activision. Value-loving gamers: commence crapping thy pants.

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