Sunday, September 23

Beware the delicate touch of the Sexy Octopus

Sometimes I think the Dead or Alive series gets a bad rap. Yes, it objectifies women in unrealistic and objectionable ways, but sometimes I feel as though the crimes of its fighting game brethren go unnoticed.

Case in point would be the recently released, Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The "ANZ Edition" comes packed with a  code to unlock one hundred and fifty bikins in which to decorate the women cast (Edit - There code unlocks swimsuits for most fighters: men and women). When taunting their opponents at the start of a fight, women supports will recline against the wall or usually pose in other suggestive ways. Then, of course, there's this costume for series' veteran, Anna Williams:

Now, for the knowledge of the court, tell us where did the Sexy Octopus touch you?

Don't get me wrong, there are some modest costumes available; but most of the ladies look as though they've picked up some of the more elaborate lingerie costumes from Victoria's Secret. The guys all seem to be wearing the typical, masculine attire that they've worn in each of the previous instalments. You could argue that there are some exceptions: Jin's faux fur-sleeved leather midriff jacket from Tekken 6 and the sports bra that Eddy Gordo's been trying to pull off since his first appearance in Tekken 3; but I think it's fair to say that the men are dressed for the purpose of power fantasy as opposed to objectification.

Maybe I'm trying to make myself feel better about still wanting to pick up Dead or Alive 5, or maybe the problem extends past the handiwork of Team Ninja? Either way, women are objectified even without the use of patented "breast physics" in the fighting game genre. The only question is: is this a deal-breaker for you?


  1. I'm lucky - I only ever liked Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, with the latter losing me after the third or fourth installment. I never got into the others; not sure why. Maybe it was more of (what appeared to be) the same and I just preferred SF instead. Who knows.

    Their costumes do seem to be getting more provocative though, and the booby bounce seems to be a bit of a standard. There never seems to be any junk jiggles for the men which I find interesting (maybe too many steroids or perhaps they've just taped it down or something). MK vs DC Universe allowed you to pummel the characters until their clothes fell apart (although no matter how hard your chick fight went, certain areas remained on).

    That said the octopus is pretty cool.

  2. Have you played the latest Mortal Kombat (read: the banned one)? Costumes in that were just as bad -- if not worse -- than those seen in DoA and TTT2.