Tuesday, November 4

The laziest review of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)

I like Call of Duty games.
To me, they're like the first game of the football season.
I walk into a games store at launch, or Day Zero. 
Okay, so the season kicked off a day earlier this year.
Sort of, but not really.

I always start playing with people online.
It is important to know one's place,
And mine is at the bottom of the food chain.
I pretty much stick to the Ground War playlist.
Good mix, more players, more points up for grabs.

Advanced Warfare is fun with strangers.
Possibly with friends too, but few are nearby.
Fewer still like video games. 
That and 4 player split screen appears dead.
Valè, my tiny space on the television.

There's new weapons and abilities.
The pace has increased considerably.
Did I mention you have jumpjet packs?
They're pretty great.
Basically Titanfall without the Titans.

Maps are tighter.
You're always shooting.
Always dying.
Always earning.
Unless you're good, I guess.

The campaign is the best I've played in years.
Probably as good as Modern Warfare.
Easily better than its sequels.
It leads you a little too well.
No room for error, or to explore.

Just as well the story clicks.
Spacey acts well, but is written as Vaudevillian.
What could have been subversive,
Ends in farce, dropping hints of subtlety.
Geopolitics are pretty black and white here.

Still, it looks great and feels fluid.
You get to drive cars and jets and mechs.
Again, it's directed a little too well.
More a narrative experience than a game.
Lots of sizzle, but the steak is well done.

Haven't tried co-op.
Probably won't bother.
I'll probably jump online for a few more hours.
Witness my kill to death ratio fall,
Through my beautiful polished floor.

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