Wednesday, May 5

Best I Ever Had

No, this isn't about to get weird. I promise.

Last night I revisited Just Cause 2. I first set about causing chaos as per standard procedure. The Chippewa helicopter is my preferred instrument, cutting away at military installations and laying waste to hundreds of Panauan soldiers with dual miniguns. After clearing 2 or 3 bases I flew around listlessly until I finally decided to complete a faction mission: Pirate Transmission. You are required to scale a huge (HUGE) building, flick some switches halfway and then climb to the peak to destory a satellite and then jump off. Of course it will play out differently depending on your choice of conveyance and your choice of equipment (read: what you be packin'), but for me it was perfect. Like a walk in the park on a beautiful day with my Sweetie. It was magical.

I started my ascent in my Chippewa after causing just a little bit of chaos. Due to my transgressions prior to the climb, the Panauan military was in hot pursuit. After ditching my heli and hijacking one of their's, my rengade rise continued. Upon reaching the first objective, I awkwardly parked my ride and proceeded to flick the first switch. On my way to the second, I then received a panicked transmission informing me that there would be sentry guns at the next switch. I foolishly ignored the warning and proceeded to get shredded by various sources of gunfire. Near death, I plunged off the building and waited for my health to recover. Keep in mind, this was mid-plunge. This building was huge (HUGE).

Upon recovery, I decided to recommission the Chippewa and in seconds, all resistance was flattened and switches flicked. To my horror, Chip took too much fire. RIP. After a quick memorial for my fallen helicopter I then decided that I would use the conventional grappling hook to complete the journey. Just before the top, the stupid (read: bat shit crazy) AI crashed a helicopter into the side of the building just above me. I quickly dropped to avoid the wreckage and then motored to the summit for the explosive conclusion. I couldn't proceed with the objective straight away however. I had to take in the sights, the sun was out, a peerless blue sky, the sprawling urban landscape below. What a beautiful day to destroy a complex broadcast system.    

After doing the deed and base-jumping to safety, I reflected on a brilliant day out. Sure this isn't a perfect game, but it has provided a few precious memories.

Any examples of brilliant mission design you would care to share? Any stand-out levels that still bring a smile to your face?


  1. A good mission indeed. I do miss the ol' just cause 2 but I will prevail, just had the whole V for Vendetta speech about prevailing go through my head and was gonna rant with that but I'll let it go.

  2. Pirate Transmission reminded me of the original Mercenaries and when games used to be fun.