Monday, May 3

Far From Perfect

Before last week, it had been about 9 months since I had been on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I thought it would be a joyous, tearful reunion but it was much more subdued. Not to say it was awkward or anything, it's just to say that very little has changed. The level of intrusive advertising has increased, the amount of content available has inevitably increased and there are a few new (seemingly) useless menus to wade through before I can find my game library.

With my initial feelings falling short of the expected high, I found consolation in some Xbox Live Arcade titles which were not previously available the last time I had custody of a 360: Trials HD and Perfect Dark.

I have had some experience with the Trials series before, having purchased Redlynx Trials 2: Second Edition via Steam. The experience on the 360 has been refined considerably. Sure the graphics are better and there are new tracks, but where Trials HD differs siginificantly from its PC counterpart is the physics engine which is, thankfully, more forgiving and less jumpy. With the laws of physics now in favor of the player, Trials HD is just as addictive as its predecessor only less frustrating.


Perfect Dark was loaded in the Damen family Nintendo 64 for months on end. As I had read that an XBLA remake was in the works, the urge to purchase a 360 started to increase much to my chagrin. Now that I have downloaded the game and I have spent some time trawling through the various modes, I've come to realise what value it represented on the N64 and what a great deal it is when compared to other XBLA titles. You get a full single-player campaign with dynamic mission objectives depending on the difficulty setting, a full multiplayer suite and a challenge mode which starts off slow but then quickly ramps up in difficulty. I had a few lols shooting goons and having them repeatedly slur "Why me?" The graphics have also been given a new coat of paint but for me it takes away from the sense of nostalgia. I would never say that Perfect Dark (XBLA) is a reason to own a 360, but it is definitely a perk.

While I am always a little trigger happy with the "Confirm Purchase," button when on the Xbox Live Marketplace, this weekend I came away with two winners. Do you guys buy many downloadable games on the PSN/XBLA? Are you happy with the quality of games on offer?  


  1. In short. No. I want full retail DL's on PS3, I purchased Dead Rising via XBLA but the prices are outrageous. But I am always trigger happy with "buy now" or "confirm Purchase" just like i will be tomorrow when the new ME2 DLC comes out which is just some new armour, but its pretty armour so ill be there front and centre.

  2. Haha paying money for gear in an RPG. They should call it World of Mass Effectcraft 2.

    The prices for Games on Demand are pretty wacky. I bought Crackdown yesterday, new for $15, GoD sells it for $29.95 plus it uses 5gb of valuable bandwith. It is outrageous that they are not charging less considering that the new digital middlemen could cost nowhere near as much as freight and shelf-space.

    Sony's excuse for not having retail titles available for download is pretty ridiculous. There are plenty of games on the PS3 that would come in at under 10gb let alone 40.

  3. That isn't true, there are some games available for dl (burnout paradise for example). However I doubt I would buy a purely downable game, given that it would require for hard drive space, and on my launch PS3, there isn't a lot of that. I can honestly say I never purchased anything off the PS Store. My first purchase will probably be the MP for MW2. And I already know I am going to regret it!

    On a side note, went 45 - 1 on Highrise in domination on MW2 the other day. I felt so pimp! LOL

  4. Yep but Burnout is the only Retail game on the PSN (ok Warhawk as well). But there are not many large games on there.

    Plus your theory for not having enough HDD space is null and void you can increase HDD space by replacing the HDD like Tris and I have done, not sure how big his is but Ive gone 240gb and I know once they release a 2.5" 1TB Hard drive ill be getting it too.

  5. Also nice work on MW match

  6. I concede that Burnout Paradise, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Socom: Confrontation and Warhawk are available via the PSN but Sony has made it clear that this will be about it because PS3 games are too big. Sony's blu-ray dick swinging shenanigans are really starting to tire me. Most games these days appear on both platforms and a DVD has max capacity of about 8/9gb (Rubes feel free to correct me).

    Did you know that you can upgrade your PS3's hard-drive Sambo? I have a 40gb model with a 250gb hard-drive installed. It's not too expensive and it is easy to do.

    On the X360 there are almost 100 full retail games available for download. So Microsoft wins in this area 98-4.

  7. Amazingly Tris conventionally you are correct but recent tests by a wonderful Monash U in Melbourne have developed compression tech for DVD's that enable them to house up to 50gb so I believe microsoft will be in talks with them for the patent very shortly and say Hi again to a new revised HD game war.

  8. Even so, there is nothing to say that developers would have 50gb worth of game to stick on a disc or make available for download. I would like to know how many games on the PS3 are above 10gb in size.

    In the end, Microsoft is willing to take advantage of a growing market while Sony continues to make ridiculous excuses for the absence of digital content.

    GO BANANA!!!

  9. True, but its appealling to know that some RPG will be made that will be uber huge and never ending, come on Mass Effect Universe 400+ hours of planetary exploration and conversations with moral ramification oh yeah!

  10. That would be sweet. And yes, I know I can increase my hard drive, but there are two mitigating factors in me not doing this:

    a) I will somehow manage to totally destroy my playstation while installing the hard drive; and
    2) I'm a cheap cheap man.

    However, I am seriously considering buying a 360 for ME. I have less and less hope everyday that it will ever make it to PS.

    And I also highly doubt many PS3 games are over 10gb, but would you really want you PS to be out of action for the period it takes to DL a game?

  11. I totally destoryed the hard-drive tray in mine because the stupid screws WOULD NOT COME OUT. But with a little bit of care (after much frustration), I popped the hard-drive in at just the right angle and it worked just fine. The only thing holding the hard-drive in place is gravity :(

    I reckon there will be some pretty solid 360 bundles when Halo:Reach comes out but even now you can get pretty cheap. I got a 120gb Elite and 5 games for $368 from KMart.

    Just because you're downloading a game doesn't render your console inoperable. You just can't play online titles. So no MW2 or BC2 for 3 hours, no biggy.

  12. This is correct, and with Skate 3 coming out really soon (which just quietly I am really pumped about), it wouldn't be such a bad thing. Yeah I might wait and see what kind of deal I can score with Halo:Reach and 360. I don't know if I want one or not though. I honestly think I wouldn't play it that often.

  13. Look Sam I hear you but let me just say two words first: Mass Effect. Then let me elaborate: Mass effect 1 takes 20+ hours to finish once, then playthrough again to get lvl 60 40+ hours there. Then you can play through again as a different class repeat process 40+ again.
    Mass Effect 2 Import chosen ME1 save, play through and choose new class 30+ hours. Play through again with next ME1 import 30+ again, six classes = 180+ hours of Mass Effect 2 glory, you may think I am being crazy here but I'm on my 4th ME2 playthrough each new class feels fresh.

    ME3 will also have import feature and revamped skill sets and new chars and tie up all loose ends, in short ridiculous ?+ hours of gameplay.

    So the question do I need/want an xbox 360? the simple answer is yes, and really the Xbox only gets that for the one series of games. I recommend getting the bundle now and just trading everything back for ME1 & 2, Halo is not worth a console purchase, rent that crap.

  14. I forgot to mention ME DLC, OMGWTFBBQSAUCE!!

    The game already has 7 count it: 7 DLC add ons one more coming tomorrow and a big expansion pack (rumoured) coming at E3!

  15. There probably is not enough to differentiate the PS3 and 360 to warrant purchasing both. Since I do however, lack the fiscal responsibility to live with one home and portable console, buying a 360 was an inevitable event.

    That being said, I don't regret having bought it (yet) and with Crackdown 2 months away I should be happier still. Sandbox games FTW!!!

  16. Thats all the ME rant warranted? lol

  17. Mass Effect is not a reason to own a 360 nor is God of War III a reason to own a PS3. The only reason anyone would own both consoles is a severe lack of fiscal responsibility and attention span. You and me Rubes, we lack both in spades.

  18. I understand but I counter. God of War 3 is no where near the scope and awesomeness that is ME.

    But yes im loose with the wallet sometimes.

  19. I disagree, God of War III was ridiculously epic. The size and scale of most of the creatures you encounter is incredible.

    Mass Effect is just KOTOR without the Star Wars license. Sure it plays a lot better than KOTOR but it isn't drastically different. The story was OK, the voice acting was inconsistent and the combat was pretty average. Compare that to GoW III where story is OK, the combat is awesome, and the voice acting is a bit purile (but awesome).

    I haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, so I can't comment on that.

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  21. I retract my previous statement as ME to me is just awesome and nothing compares in scale so obviously my comments on this matter are very Biased.

    ME2 will hopefully blow your mind, Trit.

    By the by the 8th is approaching!

  22. Biased with a capital B!!! I'm sure it will bloweth mine mind, but I have to gather the will to finish Mass Effect again before I venture into the sequel. I fear it will be half the experience without it.

    08/05/10 GO BANANA!!!

  23. What is happening on the 8th of May of the year 2010 pray tell?

    And as awesome as ME is Reubs, I just don't think I can justify purchasing a 360 purely for that. That would really be the only reason for me to own one.

  24. Well it was my reason for the 4th? 5th? time lol.

    Tris is coming down, you can come round to buddy from 10-4 have to have you all out before D gets home lol. But we are gonna local MW2 and SSFIV it up my man.

  25. 10-4 WTF??? All day man and night little bro.
    Jedi Mind Baby!!!

  26. Is that tomorrow? I may come round. Not sure yet. I'll let you know