Friday, July 9


Apart from some short sessions on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, I haven't played anything since completing Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. My feelings about TFS are the textbook definition of a mixed reaction. There were some truly amazing sequences during the latest Prince of Persia title, experiences that every gamer needs to have; but a lot of what was on offer also felt rushed, or uninspired. When I managed to pull off some of the more difficult platforming puzzles, I felt genuinely satisfied; but when I was forced to destroy hunderds of skeleton warriors on my way to another climb I felt fatigued. As outlined in the review, you just would not believe how arbitrary the combat is in TFS. Honestly, if the developers had no intention of delivering a thrilling swashbuckling, swordfighting experience, then I would have preferred that they didn't bother with it. Just give me some parkour, with some ancient Persian seasoning. Spicy!

Now that I have completed yet another adventure from one of my favourite franchises I find myself searching for direction once again. I'm also not loving the feeler of a controller in my hand this week, I need a whole console! MGS: Peace Walker is to me, not a game that you can complete in a few, long sessions. This is truly a portable game, designed for bite-sized sessions. I am of this belief, primarily because a lot of the environments and enemies reappear frequently. If I leave it for a few days it doesn't distract too much from the action on screen. Compare this to when I first purchased the game and I logged a few longer sessions, and it did serve to cheapen the experience. Further to that, if your first experience with game after a few days is a boss battle, you pretty much fall in love with it all over again. More difficult than your average MGS boss encounter, and just as time-consuming, these conflicts have kept me well and truly engaged. So much so, that I have repeated them several times already.

This weekend I'm going to kill some time by reacquainting myself with the First Person Shooter. This is by no means a declaration of intent to purchase the Resurgence Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2, but I am planning to log some time on the Infinity Ward RPG/FPS. I also want to revisit Team Fortress 2 now that the Engineer Update has finally hit the interwebs. Last but not least, I am going to give MAG another go. First impressions were good, but there was nothing on offer to rival Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare (or its sequel).

What are you playing this weekend?

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