Friday, March 4

The Power of Spam

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is a game that allows players to pit teams of popular superpowered comic book and videogame characters against each other. After playing a few matches online, I've come to the conclusion that some of my human opponents have developed their own unique talent: spamming. Spamming projectile moves with unbalanced (that's right!) characters like Sentinel and Trish to the point where I almost hurled my controller against the wall. Actually, my hand-eye coordination isn't so hot; so it would probably end up hitting the TV.

Granted I haven't played that many matches as of yet, but on two incredibly-frustrating occassions, a human-controlled Sentinel filled the screen with yellow light and left me completely unable to counter the assault. My luck didn't fare much better against one of the more questionable additions to the roster, Trish from the Devil May Cry franchise. Her multipronged projectile attack overwhelmed all but Ryu, who is proving to be far stonger than his Marvel Vs Capcom 2 predecessor.

Some changes are being made to my preferred team. Dante has been ditched in favour of Captain America. Sure Dante may be able to mix it up with various different specials, but most take their sweet time to deliver damage. Wolverine is solid, and fast, but is susceptible to being spammed by projectiles; so his days may be numbered. Ryu is safe. He is fast, strong, and has a solid defensive game. Hulk is surprisingly quick, but entirely unpredictable. He is also highly prone to being countered out of a match. I still have a lot of research to do.

I've tried some of the wackier characters, and none of them are constituents of a cup of tea that I can see myself drinking. Arthur for instance: he is fast, has a diverse array of projectile attacks and dashes. Still can't fight worth a damn with him though. She Hulk, who is perhaps the greatest surprise of all: fast, bounces all over the screen and packs quite a punch. When she connects. Seriously, she bounds from side to side with Hyper Combos that can very easily miss the mark. Then there is X-23: I have no idea what to do with her at all. I will not be selecting her in competitive play, that is for sure.

To be entirely honest, I am not enjoying Marvel Vs Capcom 3 much at all. I've read plenty about how button-bashers won't achieve much, but that is complete bullshit. I've pressed a sequence of buttons one time and fired death all over the screen, and suffocated my opponents with flurries of light hits. Press the same sequence again, and I'll perform a nice, slow uppercut that leaves me wide open to a Hyper Combo or aerial assault. The controls are way too sensitive, making the "new," Mission Mode an exercise in frustration. I might be giving myself a little too much credit, but I know I pressed the right fucking buttons; so why are you doing a completely different move, Deadpool?

Probably the hardest thing for me to accept is that every character's move inputs are almost entirely identical. No charges. No half circles. Not even double quarters. Most of the characters may play differently (as in timing/feel) from the rest of the roster, but you'll still know how to perform each of their attacks.

Is anyone else a little underwhelmed by MVC3? What are you playing this weekend?

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