Saturday, July 23

For Hot Water Press Up Down Left Right A B Start

How many times have you wished gaming could be a bigger part of your life and somehow integrated into your everyday routine? Other than playing more games or dressing up like Mario and starting your own Mario Kart competition in France, there’s little more you can do…until now.

New to Australia, Kohler has released a new mixer range called the Margaux (pronounced mar-go). What’s this got to do with playing games? It’s got a joystick handle.

Rather than the standard flat handle that you’ll find on most tapware in Australian bathrooms, this one has a thin stick on top of it to control the flow and heat of the water. Granted it needs is a little ball on the top of the handle to make you feel a little more at home but it’s a pretty cool idea.

This is actually one of two Kohler mixers with the unique joystick handle, with the new articulating Karbon sink mixer also using it. A mix of art and plumbing, the Karbon can be manipulated into a range of positions for use and will stay fixed however you need it. However, at $1800 you’ll have to manipulate your wallet into a very sad position to buy it.

With the bathroom traditionally a retreat for the ladies (let’s face it if you’re going to build or renovate they will tell you what you like), do you think you could convince your loved one for something as unique as a joystick handle?

I’m going to put it to Kohler to make a new bathroom suite called the Ryu – a white vanity with red trim, a flat basin, joystick lever mixer and buttons that open draws, dispense soap and more. What do you think?


  1. I don't know, if you could have an LCD display behind the joystick and play Street Fighter while you wash your hands we might be onto something. Although, I could do a quarter circle flush (lolololololololololol)