Tuesday, July 19

In case you haven't accidentally bought it: Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer review (PS3) in 250 words or less

The Good: Freezing my brother then uppercutting him Sub Zero style. Only played "Dukematch" and am yet to comment on "Capture the Babe" or "Duke of the Hill". Genius naming conventions.
The Bad: The SP guns have absolutely no use in the MP, except for the 2 rocket launchers, trip mines and freezegun. Do not dare attempt to use anything other than these if you are not host. The Shrink Gun is a useless piece of shit, and there is absolutely no point in using your L1 zoom. However, with the benefit of 0 ping, my brother started tearing me a new one with the rail gun.

These are your controls, get used to them.

The Ugly:
Compared to Quake II (Released in 97!!!), there is no decent lighting and fluid level structure, the Hollywood level has about as much complexity as the original Duke 3D. Games would often go for up to five minutes without a kill, the character models look like they're floating around on an air hockey table and the stick controls for aiming may as well be dog turds instead of a PS3 controller.
Save your pennies for this bad boy

Verdict: Will play 1, maybe 2 more times. Would not have even played If I hadn't shelled out 2 x $60 as birthday presents for people. They enjoyed the SP as a casual fuck around and nostalgia fest so all is well!

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