Friday, February 24

PlayStation Vita Launch: Unboxing videos

I'll start with an apology: I had intended to post these videos last night but it has been a long week and I'll take what little free time I can get. It's a been a professionally fulfilling and - at times - deeply distressing week (on an unrelated, personal level) that I'm glad to see the back of.

Now, onto the fun and frivolity. The PlayStation Vita has arrived! Everyone, you have full license to go nuts.

I went with the Wi-Fi bundle that GAME offered. It was clearly the best deal with a free game (the so far, critically lambasted Ridge Racer). Other retail outlets were more than happy to offer little more than the standard pre-order incentives: a discount voucher for a selected range of titles, early access to an app that I've yet to get my hands on, and some limited edition blue - wait for it! - headphones. I went with the 16gb memory card because I NEED that much storage capacity for games that I'll buy on a whim without need of leaving the house; well that and the fact that the 32gb card wasn't made available to Australian consumers (why I'll never know).

Anyway, without further ado, my unboxing videos!

I should've left it there, but there were some tidbits that I was too excited to think of (and therefore, address) at first:

I'll save the impressions for next week; primarily because I'm pretty frustrated with the UI at the moment, so I don't want to come off all trollish without giving myself some breathing space. I want to give this console as good a chance as I'm able.

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