Saturday, February 25

Steamy Quantitative Analysis

Greg Voakes, a contributor to the Huffington Post and Business Insider passed on the following infographic that illustrates Steam's domination of the gaming world. In addition to listing recent bestsellers, there's some genuine revelations to be found within (the word petabyte for example). It's also worth noting that despite the bat shit crazy pricing seen during Steam sales, Valve's business model stands to offer greater benefit to game producers when compared to more conventional retail channels.

There's been a fair bit of negative press surrounding Steam and other digital content providers recently, with particular emphasis on the concept of ownership (or rather how the average EULA serves to contravene it). I'm not sure where I stand on the issue myself, but know this: with each seasonal Steam sale, my game collection swells ever bigger. I can't be too concerned about my Steam library (or my SEN/PSN or XBLM purchases) being held to ransom by ambiguous online contracts.

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