Saturday, June 30

You Ping, I Pong

It's safe to say I suck at arcade classics.

A guy down the road is building mini arcade machines packed with retro games and not only did I bomb out of Space Invaders in under a minute (granted I was distracted by a certain little girl who kept running off) but I was beaten at Galaga by a three year old.

I also downloaded a version of Pong on my iPhone created by Melbourne's Australian Centre For The Moving Image (ACMI) for their new Game Masters exhibit. Despite the game's simple concept and approach, my score is far from impressive.

The first ACMI Pong loss was chalked up to not realizing how to control the paddles properly. I'm used to sliding my finger rather than an aggressive tap. The subsequent demoralizing losses are clearly due to a lack of talent.

The game can be used with the exhibit to unlock a bonus round however if you are outside of Melbourne or don't plan on making the trip before 28 October this isn't really of benefit.

Game Masters is an exhibit celebrating the world's most influential video game designers. It includes over 125 playable games across arcade, PC, console and mobile platforms and showcases the work of over 30 game designers.

For more information on Game Masters visit and for more info on the custom arcade machines made by the guy down the street, stay tuned to Unbearable Dutch.

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