Wednesday, August 1

Action figure power play: Solid Snake -- Square Enix: Play Arts Kai

I had a terrible day at work today and if there's one thing that can cheer me up, it's vidyagaemz. Normally I'd calm my nerves by buying a new game, but that was the old Tristan. I have to find some other way to deal with my anxiety and frustration.

Luckily enough I had a beautiful deluxe action figure to open up. The Metal Gear Solid: Play Arts Kai: Solid Snake Action Figure to be precise. I had originally intended to keep the figure mint in box, but circumstances (read: shopping sprees) have forced my hand. 

Plus a post-mortem video where I broke a weapon!


  1. That is by far some of the nerdiest shit I have ever seen.

    1. I think you meant to say "some of the most important shit I have ever seen"