Tuesday, July 31

Give that monster a medal

Pokémon Conquest is contradiction upon contradiction upon contradiction. A heartwarmingly cute interpretation of war in Feudal Japan that features a simplistic turn-based combat system that offers no attack bonuses for position, but also map design that prevents players from attacking with a lot of the Pokémon that they'll recruit over the course of the adventure. A game that emphasises the importance of warriors bonding with their Pokémon, but also allows them to link with others in the heat of battle (wow, that sounds weird). A game that features a protagonist who is rumoured to be the chosen one but who chose to use Eevee as his starter Pokémon (read: commoner!). 

I've only been playing for about two hours, but the amount of mechanics introduced in that time is simply staggering. The combat seems uncomplicated enough, but managing the affairs of  recruited warriors and their Pokémon, my development, captured kingdoms and picking up new recruits (be they linked Pokémon or new warriors) is overwhelming. Finding my favourite pocket monsters is feeling like a task that I'm not equal to. 

I'm drowning in menus and my interest is fading fast. 

Thankfully I've got Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy on hand for the instant gratification and whimsy I've come to crave. I haven't paid a great deal of attention to what makes for ideal party composition, I'm just tapping away to some beautiful midi music. The art style is enough to make me squeal with nerdy delight, and all you've got to do is touch the screen in time with the music. No better way to unwind after a day of proof-reading proposals and answering loaded emails; that much is for sure.

What are you playing at the moment?   

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