Monday, August 9

Impulse Plus

Just over a month since its inception, Playstation Plus has managed to deliver a satisfactory return on my initial investment. I wouldn't dare say that it is an essential service, but for those of us (read: me) who usually waste untold hundreds (read: thousands) of dollars on mediocre downloadable games, Plus provides a disincentive for my usual impulse purchase habits. Why? Because whatever I buy might be offered up free (or at a discount) in the coming months. While I am yet to touch the complementary Minis and PSone classic offered up this month, Zen Pinball has been a fun distraction this past weekend.

Now when I say Plus has proved to be a deterrent for my compulsion to purchase downloadable content, I'm not being entirely honest with you. Having utilized the Full Game Trial function to download open world, superhero action game inFamous, I found myself compelled to finish a game that I had previously owned, twice. In this hour of play, I came to understand why I had not previously enjoyed my time with this Playstation 3 exclusive: I was playing it wrong. In the quintessential example of a superhero action game done right, Crackdown; you can walk the streets of Pacific City, confident that you are able to withstand the most formidable of attacks provided that you don't stand still for a prolonged period. Your enemies employed strategies that were for the most part, incapable of causing a great deal of harm (once again, unless you stood motionless for a few minutes). With inFamous however, your enemies are rabid, intelligent dogs with eyes greater than that of ten hawks sandwiched together. They hunt you down, and for a superhero, they effectively make you feel powerless.

So instead of playing inFamous like an arrogant, invincible god of war; I'm trying a new approach. Now I'm playing it like a cover shooter (with freaking superpowers!), and I'm actually enjoying it. Enjoying it enough to buy it for a third time. At least now its a Platinum title. Right?

What have you guys been playing over the weekend?


  1. I was playing Batman, abd my god that game is freaking fun as! Seriously, I haven't had that much fun with a platformer in a while hey. i was also thinking of picking up the super cheap infamous, but I am still torn. the targeting system just seemed dodgy as when I played it last.

  2. I loved Arkham Asylum, it was pretty much the ultimate Batman simulator. I never understood why the gaming press corp as a whole hated "Detective Vision." I thought the game looked fantatsic in and out of X-Ray specs.

    Infamous can get a bit repetitive, but 3rd time lucky maybe?!?!? I seem to have gotten the hang of the shooting mechanic and am seeing the 1XP Head Shock bonus a lot more this time around.

  3. Yeah I couldn't come to grips with it hey. That and I think I would get over it quick.

    But Batman is just straight up fun. Honestly, the fighting is a bit the same all teh time, but the fact that there are so many ways to approach each problem, depending on how you level up makes it special. That and I get to see a lot of a quality Joker and harley Quin.

    Have you seen the new one?!?!?!?! Arkham City?!?!?!?! OMG JIZZ IN MY PANTS!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah it should be pretty special. While the combat is simplistic, I must admit that I was hooked on the combat challenges (and the attached trophies). Didn't get them all mind you, but the rock-paper-scissors melee was damn good fun.

  5. Also, have you seen that if you pre-order MoH they are giving out beta codes for BF3?!?!?! That will be so rad!

  6. I did see that. I'm more excited about the free PS2 game and imminent media shit-storm once people find out that you can play as the Taliban.

    Get ready for a week long A Current Affair spotlight.

  7. LOL So true. Mind you, I think I would really enjoy the single player, so i don't know if I want to do an EB pre-order, get the BF3 beta code, play the game for a week, then take it back and get my money back.

  8. Ice-T was not a fan of the MoH beta, I take it you were not as well?