Friday, August 20


If Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has taught me one thing, its that if you want a fun final chapter, stage it on an aeroplane. Storming towards the final confrontation, unloading my automatic shotgun with gay abandon, the final moments of the game (even on Hard difficulty) didn't ask too much of me. I'll be damned however, if it wasn't the most fun I've had playing an FPS in quite some time. This wasn't an overly difficult journey, or a terribly long one, but it was memorable. The original Modern Warfare ended on a passenger plane, and if I recall correctly, that was another short campaign with an airborne exclamation point. Developers, if you want me to enjoy your single player offerings, my request is simple: Include more gunfights in the air, that shit is just plain crazy son! 

Save for the penultimate stage, and maybe the one before it as well, Bad Company 2 is an essential single player experience. With that being said though, I have recently rediscovered the competitive multiplayer component of the game. I thought I had outgrown the mayhem of Rush and Conquest. Walls not providing any form of sustainable cover. Buildings collapsing on unsuspecting players (read: me). Screams of anguish from both American and Russian avatars. I was wrong though, it has captured my imagination once again.

This re-engagament can be attributed both to the previously described craziness, and my new found ability to play as a Medic. You've got to love spraying 100 bullets in another players general direction, knowing there are another 50 bullets to fire before needing to reload. Further to that, you can play a vital role in both attack and defence keeping your team alive, and even revive fallen comrades. I'm trying to stay away from my previously favoured Engineer class, but it is easily the strongest of the four. With steady, automatic weapons and rocket launchers, the Engineer is best equipped for every situation. Assault is ideal for those who love to run and gun. The Recon class, and particularly, the 65% of players who use this class are the only real blight on Bad Company 2's multiplayer action.

For those of you who still own Bad Company 2, do us a favour: load it up and play with me online. I need some trustworthy wingmen.

What are you all playing this weekend?


  1. Im good for the next few months, just picked up Star Wars - Battlefront, Republic Commandos and KOTOR for 20 bucks from EB. All work perfectly on 360. Just goota get KOTOR 2 and I am set for a long long time :) DERP

  2. I'll play with you bro. I fired it up not long ago, it was quite entetaining, but the fact that I got put on one of the shittiest squads of all time hurt.

  3. The new map configurations are good fun, plus there are fewer wookies on the prowl. Give it a go bro!

  4. Yeah i noticed that when I popped on. Mind you, I don't mind wooking up every now and then. i am loving running around with the GOL and a 4x scope! Quick Scoping FTW!!! LOL

  5. I'm all for the proper use of the Recon class. I do however object to over half the team camping for little reward.

  6. Yes, it is a bit tarded. Especially on Isla Innocentes. The worst map for wookies. EVER.