Monday, September 6

Super Fun Happy Slide

I don't know who would be responsible for changing the name of Vanquish. The unbelievably chaotic (I dare even use the word zany) 3rd-person shooter, developed by Platinum Games and distributed by SEGA has finally been picked up by my gamer radar (Gamedar?), and now the end of October seems an agonisingly long way away. I would argue that a title like Vanquish fails to differentiate the game from its competition as much as the snippet of gameplay on offer in the Velocity Attack Demo, released last week on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network managed to do. Perhaps something like Rocketkneeslider Rallies Against Russian Robots or (wait for it) Super Fun Happy Slide would be more fitting.

Videos don't seem to capture the madcap brilliance of Vanquish, at least not when compared to the unbridled glory of your first rocket slide. My first slide ended in tragedy (read: death), but the euphoric movement immediately arrested my attention. Perhaps the greatest surprise was how much control I had over my own fate, holding L2 to move smoothly between sources of cover or around my enemies. Just because I had rockets strapped to and around my ass, did not mean that I was slamming into walls in a pinball-esque frenzy. After a few minutes, I had mastered the art of propulsion and fun ultimately ensued.

The visuals are technically impressive due to sheer amount of shrapnel, robots and rockets flying on screen at one time. There were so many moments which made me cackle in nerdy delight. Whether it was when I first commandeered the Star Wars-inspired walkers or the ridiculously entertaining quick time event during the two-phase boss battle at the close of the demo; Vanquish is full of moments that are bound to illicit many a giddy thrill. For the Street Fighter Alpha fans out there, try rocket sliding into a melee attack. It is slightly Adon flavoured.

I have only three gripes with my first taste of Vanquish. Firstly, it was too short. I want more rocket-fuelled madness, and I want it soon (if not now). Second, the voice acting. Imagine Gears of War style, ham-fisted bravado without swearing. Simply put, it is not working for me at all. Last of all is the weapon selection. All the firearms available in the demo seem to be your usual shooter fare: shotguns, sniper rifles and various machine guns. There is no monkey-navigated missile, or equally wacky contraption to match your knee and ass rockets. With that said, I should note that all the standard weapons handled as expected.

My only fear is that this demo may be similar to that of John Woo's Stranglehold, where the game's primary mechanic was displayed effectively, yet failed to carry the full retail release. I played through the Stranglehold demo about 15 times, laughing maniacally each time I dispatched an enemy in slow-motion or shot them in a tender area using Precision Aim. While I am yet to play the Velocity Attack Demo as many times, it is making a lot of promises that I hope it can deliver on.

What did you all play this weekend?


  1. Vanquish is rad, but I need a fix now.

    Taz did you try Alpha Protocol??

  2. I have traded in to get Alpha Protocol.

    Taz I couldnt wait lol. Even with its mediocre reviews I'm sure I will very much appreciate it, as I have done with most ME type RPG's.

    All Glory to the Hypnotoad.

  3. Reuben your impulsive inner monologue never fails to entertain.

    I think I might pick up Kane & Lynch 2 at the bargain basement price of $59. Hard to believe it has been so severely marked-down after 2 weeks on sale. Must be a good one! lol

  4. Yeah I decided regardless of anyones opinion I wanted to see for myself.

    I still have 7 days to finish and get Reach lol.

    But in all I think Im gonna love it.

  5. Too late for me, JB upped the price on K&L2 to $79 which is a little too high for my money. Especially with Halo:Reach, Playstation Move and Dead Rising 2 out this month.

    Let us know what Alpha Protocol is like.

  6. I finished call of duty mw 2 on the weekend - a well received steam gift from a friend. Now to kick his ass in multiplayer.

    Kane vs Lynch 2 Dutch? The original I enjoyed I guess but the end left me sort of pissed off and hating a lot of the characters.

  7. Did you enjoy the single player campaign Will? I thought it was frustrating (gameplay wise) and outright baffling (story wise). The multiplayer is a heap of fun though. Just ask Samuel, our resident MW2 addict. How many hours have you logged now Sambo?

    I never played through the first one as I thought it played like a baked ham, but I found the demo for the sequel to be less offensive. I opted against K&L2 in the end and bought Yakuza 3 for a serving of abstract, Japanese craziness.

  8. You should return Yakuza 3 straight away, even the demo was absolute shite.

    MW2 is fun local multi that is all, Battlefield all the way.

    Im getting the new game itch now and want to say Im sick lol.

  9. I have to open myself up to all kinds of gaming experiences Rubes. Even if they are painful.

  10. Yeah but thats bordering on sadism, cause you are willingly inflicting it on yourself.

    Alpha Protocol has so far been enjoyable, graphics are dated but I feel its a good stealth and pistol game lol. Assualt rifles are shite, Shotguns are ok and SMGs are again ok.

    Story has been intruiging so far. I like it.

  11. My god Vanquish is so much fun! I suck at the boss battles, but I don't care! It is awesome! It will definetely be a first day purchase. It would be rad if there was an online component as well. i would play that all the time.

    MW2 is essentially dead to me, I can't play it anymore. It annoys me so much when I play. BC2 has taken over primary online game, and I am loving it again. I finally finished the medic kit, so I never have to use it again (thank god! Egineer and Recon with a 4x scope all the way!).

  12. Once I fix the internet at mum and dads ill jump on the BFBC2 band wagon again, i do miss it.

  13. It is awesome fun man. I have found that it is heaps better whne playing with a team who plays the objective. if I get in a team of bush wookies camping the spawn, then i leave the squad, change kit, put on a tracer dart, and fire a tracer dart into all of their faces!

    but yes, it is an awesome game.

  14. Yeah funny how Medic is my fav class though lol

  15. I hate it man, I can't stand not having any explosives, especially not having anything to take a tank out! And I love C4ing tanks, it is funny.