Friday, January 21

The Bacardi Experiment

It’s happened to all of us at one stage or another. You get together with a friend for dinner, have a couple of drinks, which leads to more drinks and then next thing you know it’s morning, you’ve woken up on a disassembled couch and your friend’s wife is looking at you funny.

Maybe not exactly like that but you get my drift.

What did I do last night? What’s that taste in my mouth? Why have I been cold for the last few hours when there is a perfectly good blanket beside me? These were all questions flowing through my mind the morning after The Bacardi Experiment.

You see, I decided to have a couple of drinks and see where the night would take me, all the while attempting to document my actions for my own amusement, or possible demise.

7pm Dinner has arrived and we’re both fairly civilized. I make an astounding discovery - pizza tastes better with more pizza and Bacardi and Coke. As the pizza fills my stomach, I hunger for something else – cartoons and games.

8pm Three drinks in and I’m feeling loose. We start up Guitar Hero and I’m happy with my dexterity and performance. So happy in fact that I attempted to play and sing Foo Fighter’s Everlong (sorry). I move from guitar to drums seamlessly and don’t appear to have any problems with keeping rhythm.

9pm I’m somewhere around six drinks now. There’s a slight mess in the kitchen from a Coke over-pour but no one has noticed (especially since it was ‘cleaned up’ with a pizza box). Guitar Hero is put aside for TV and more cartoons which just fuels the drinking.

10:30pm There’s about a quarter of the bottle left and I’m a little more than tipsy. Guitar Hero is back on and suddenly everyone else in the band is playing out of time. I should mention I’m the only one with a controller. I move from drums to guitar and the band seems happier with that decision... until I can’t feel my little finger and ensure the entire neighbourhood knows about it. Guitar Hero is put away and out comes the Wii for a spot of Wii Sports tennis. Unfortunately it requires a little too much movement for my inebriated state and I need to sit down.

11:30pm Let’s just say the night blew my mind.

The next morning I get the low down on what happened and it turns out I didn’t embarrass myself... too much. Unfortunately the hangover is severe and I’m not looking forward to my two-hour flight back to Brisbane.

Thinking back on the events of my ‘experiment’ (read: excuse to drink with interstate and seldom seen friends), I’m pretty happy with the fact I didn’t have any mishaps with the Wiimote. I’ve heard of and read countless stories of broken LCD TV’s and windows thanks to a snapped wrist strap or worst of all, a black eye on an unsuspecting bystander.

Wiihaveaproblem has a number of stories, videos and photo’s from back in 2007 when the Wii was released and was wreaking havoc on the innocent family TV. The site recently started to publish again, mainly due to the release of Kinectionlost, a sister site dedicated to the living room violence created by the Xbox Kinect.

With the Kinect not requiring a controller, it would seem the humble LCD TV is now safe(r), however family members should steer clear. A number of accidents are popping up, including a broken foot for an unfortunate lady from Colorado.

Have you witnessed or suffered a Wiimote to the TV/face? What about a unique or outstanding game related injury?


  1. When my brother first bought the Wii he set it up in his room (fair enough), where part of the ceiling dips about 20cm. Not low enough to hit my head, but hands were a different story. I smashed my thumb against the dip while serving in Wii Sports. One broken thumbnail and a fair bit of blood was all I got for my trouble.

    I used to love playing Guitar Hero while intoxicated. Truth be told though, I'm not really loving rhythm games anymore.

  2. I was never into rhythm games. On the Wii mote side of things, got my hand smashed in the fan while doing the 3 point challenge in Wii Sports Resort! Oh no! I still hold the record though! 28 points baby!

  3. Haha awesome! It's impressive that you kept your score. Like they say no pain no gain. I'm surprised that I haven't broken something with the Wii, whether it be a body part or a coffee table. All I get is the loud noise and concerned looks. It's been a while since I truly enjoyed a rhythm game but I do hold a soft spot for them.

  4. It was a massive fight through the pain Dawson! LOL I am also surprised that I haven't injured myself more though.

    On the point of rhythm games, I just don't really care enough to play them. I just can't bring myself to get into them in a lasting way.

  5. Guitar Hero III + bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label = stress relief

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