Friday, April 22

Crisis Over

I find that when it comes to technology and computers it is the scary moments that stand out more than the great ones.

Sure I remember when I bought my first PC and Xbox 360. I remember when I experienced Transformers in brilliant surround sound with an HD picture; but I’m scarred with the memory of seeing the 360's red ring of death, a horrific flickering image as a result of a faulty component in the screen of my television and when my iPod mysteriously stopped working.

Today I was privy to another experience.

As I walked into my study, my two year old daughter was sitting innocently on the chair in front of the computer with a smile on her face and a permanent marker in hand. She had done the unthinkable and scribbled on my LCD screen.

I’d like to say it was a little line here and a couple of dots there but I can’t. I’m talking about major artwork that would make Mr Scribble proud.

To say I was upset would be an understatement and based on the long list of profanity that spewed forth from my mouth I’m sure my neighbours will agree it was a bad moment in history.

Thankfully my good friends Dora and Boots were able to look after my daughter while my other friend, Google, provided me with the best way to get rid of the marker (it turns out you use a damp cloth and toothpaste – I don’t know who thinks of this but it worked and I am one relieved and happy camper).

This isn’t the first time my two year old has tried to embrace technology. She’s washed my universal remote, put things in my DVD drive that shouldn’t be put in there like food and foam and she’s even unlocked my iPhone and changed settings.

That said she’s pretty smart too. If she’s not happy with the DVD I want to watch, she’ll take it out and replace it with what she wants. Not bad for someone who says 15 words and craps herself.

I don’t look forward to the next time my daughter and technology meet but I’m sure it will be sooner rather than later. All I ask is that she spares the Xbox. Please, don’t break the Xbox!

Have you ever found something that didn’t belong in a DVD drive? Has your games system suffered the wrath of a child?

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  1. Glad to hear that you had a favorable outcome their, TJ. That must have indeed been a harrowing experience.

    As far as gaming crises go for me, onne night I was playing Tekken Tag Tournament against my brother and a friend. My brother pushed my friend over after a loss, and the resulting impact damaged our PS2. The game disc for TTT would no longer work, and for 2 days my PS2 told me it could not read any discs. Scary times!