Friday, April 8

Wii Un-Fit

Suffice it to say I’m starting to put on some poundage. While I’m far from fat, I’m starting to jiggle when I shouldn’t. Whether I’m driving over the audible lines on the highway or just shuffling in my chair, there are bits of me starting to move and I don’t like it.

I felt it was time to bring on the Wii Fit. Now as you may recall, I have a Wii but it mainly gathers dust unless the relatives are around. After almost three years I’m yet to buy a game and only have it because it was a gift. Look, if I’m going to fork out money on a game it’s going to be a decent one on a superior system.

Anyway, I had to borrow the system from a friend at work – funny side note: when asked why I had a Wii board sticking out of my bag I said, “Cause my wife’s getting fat” (she’s not really I just said it for the shock value). I said it a little louder and more aggressive than usual and now none of the ladies talk to me at work.

Back to the story, I got it home and set it all up and I was pleasantly surprised. The program has a little Wii board mascot that guides you through all the processes to help you measure your weight and BMI. Despite being a little annoying you can pretty much skip everything he has to say, which is a refreshing option.

After a quick balance test it presents you with your fitness age. When it showed I was ten years older than I actually am, I must admit I was a little taken back. Thankfully I realised that like Wii Sports, your fitness is measured with a mixture of skill and familiarity with the tools at hand. I’m sure after a few hours practise I would've become much younger.

Being that I was just trialling the system for the week, I wasn’t going to set up a regime or weight loss goals and I just wanted to play the available games. At first they were tricky, leaving me feel like a hopeless case with no coordination. Once I turned the board around the right way I did a little better.

Nintendo have done a great job with incorporating sports and activities into light cardio, balance and coordination tests. Not only that, they’ve created these mini games using sports that not many of us can do outside, such as slalom ski, ski jump or play soccer with panda heads.

Yes that’s right, panda heads.

It’s actually pretty cool. You have to try and stop people from kicking goals by head butting a socc\or ball out of the way. If you can stop the goal, you get a point but if they kick their shoe or a panda head and you are hit with it, you become dazed and slow down a little.

There are other activities such as hula hoop spinning and moving avatar themed balls through an obstacle course which are all challenging in their own way. Nintendo have even attempted to keep players interest by gradually unlocking new games as a reward for longer play time.

As a result of the trial I’m actually contemplating buying one as an alternative to watching TV of an evening with my wife. She was pretty keen to try it in the first place so I’m kind of glad she's on board.

Have you ever played with a Wii Fit? While I doubt it is the sole answer to stop my jiggling, do you think it’ll at least help my cause?


  1. Let me know when you're over it in a week so I can buy it off you. I just want one to play Zelda, Rogue Leader and Tenchu.

  2. What about Monster Hunter Tri?

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