Wednesday, August 3

Post-Scripts and Amateur Video

I'm not bringing anything new to the table today.  Some recent industry news had me thinking on some of our older posts, so it's time for some reflection..... and awful, amateur video.

The Man Vs The Fan: My First Impressions of Duke Nukem Forever
Dawson's impressions of DNF pretty closely mirrored my experience with the undewhelming return of "The King." I didn't find the game disappointing so much as there was no way - realistically - for 3D Realms, Triptych Games and Gearbox to deliver on over a decade of expectation. That being said though, it is near impossible to recommend the game to anyone; even the most die-hard Duke fan. Even with Play-Asia selling the game at under twenty dollars (US) last week, I'd still opt for the classic, Duke Nukem 3D on your platform of choice.

I'm still determined to finish it one of these days. Just so I can say that I conquered this ugly, buggy, and broken trip down memory lane. I'm not far in, but I did capture some footage of a glitch in progress. Please forgive the following:
  • My questionable camera work
  • My whiney voice

Worse still, minutes later and the situation still hadn't resolved itself.

I ran into this glitch minutes after loading my save. I didn't have the heart to sit through another loading screen, so I opted to finish up with From Dust.

Ageing Gracefully: The 3DS Virtual Console and Nostalgia's Warm Embrace
This was a timely piece. Weeks after this post and the trickle of classic portable releases slowed to whatever is slower than a trickle. Qix one week,  then Mario's Picross alone after that. One painfully-boring release after the next and my interest in the 3DS Virtual Console had flatlined.

After some grim financial reports from Nintendo and the situation is set to change.

Early adopters of the console will be gifted with twenty free downloadable games: ten NES games and ten Gameboy Advance games. I was also most pleased to hear that Metroid Fusion and Mario vs. Donkey Kong will be included as part of the deal. Those who come late to the 3DS party may not get free games, but they do get the console for a substantially-lower price. Anyone who logs onto the 3DS eShop before August 12 2011 will be eligible for the free games.

Source: Kotaku AU

Collector's Editions: Lots of dollars, not much sense
I just wanted to gloat about this: my lovely wife just pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of Batman: Arkham City for me. Because I love anyone who reads this blog, you can order it for sixty dollars less than the asking price at

What do you think of my amateur camera work? I'm sorry, if that counts for anything. Hey, who wants to see some more awkward, amateur video of From Dust? 

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