Wednesday, March 7

Ambition is the enemy of success

I recently had an interview for a job that would bring a world of change to my life. The work would be more challenging, more engaging and I'd be earning more money.

Sounds like a huge win right?

It would be, at least in terms of my career as an administrator. I'd have access to staff in executive positions, I'd be shaping the direction of the organisation that I work for; planning for the challenges and changes impacting on the industry. But I don't think I can take this position if my application ends up being successful.

There's a few reasons as to why. The primary issue (and I can't add enough emphasis to this) being that the extra time spent commuting to this new job would mean that I would have less time to spend with my wife. Three to four hours that I would usually spend talking with my wife, walking on the beach, sipping coffee (and other delicious beverages) would instead be wasted in buses and trains with people of all shapes and sizes for which I share no comparable level of affection. Secondly, I'd miss out on time with my canine chums. I want to be able to walk them in the afternoons and have the energy to play with these adorable bastards at night. Finally, there's my home consoles; I can't part with them, especially not with Street Fighter X Tekken and Mass Effect 3 dropping this week.

What would you choose? Love or money?


  1. First and foremost, I wouldn't apply for a job where there was that much travel involved.

    So we will put it in my terms. If I got offered a job that required me to start at 7 and finish at 7 (or so), but came with massive additional monetary rewards, I would be severely tempted. Simply because at this point in our lives, we would love to be able to do certain things. Additional cashflow would certainly help that out.

    However, I couldn't do it long term. I would last a year, two max, before needing to find something more reasonable!

    1. Thanks for the insight, Sambo. I feel a similar way.

      Given the increasing cost in public transport, half of the extra $400 per pay packet that I'd make would be eaten up. Plus all those other reasons.

      Might just have to look for something better that's closer.

  2. I'm with Grimy. Travel sucks the big one but I could do 7-7 should the benefits stack up...but they would have to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge to make me miss out on time with the kids and wife. Basically, at this stage of my life, if I couldn't go out and by a Porsche 911 on a whim the rewards aren't big enough.

    1. Agreed. The benefits would need to be extremely substantial for me to pretty much not see Lisa as much, and to be rooted by the time I do get to see her.