Friday, March 2

Mile High Gamer

This week, work took me to Sydney for a day and I don't know how any of you fare on aircraft but I get bored and fidgety really quickly.

The flight there was ok because I was wrecked from a gig I went to the night before. Until my ridiculously sized energy drink kicked in, my only brain function was to concentrate hard enough so that I didn't drool in my state of semi-conciousness.

The way home was a different matter. Bored after six minutes of sitting quietly and not touching anything, I turned to the inflight mag. I'm not sure if I found a spelling mistake or a really shit ad (I'm still not sure but I'm still irritated by it) but it made me realise how much I dislike reading. The only real option (other than inflate my life vest and blow the whistle) was to turn to technology.

I have never been more stoked to have an iPhone with games because the list available on Virgin flights is far from inspiring. Rally Challenge? Sudoku? Sign me up...

The first thing I did was finish Batman Arkham City: Lockdown. The final battle has just been sitting there taunting me for weeks. So anyway, I play it, win it and what happens? The same thing that happens all the way through - villain goes to jail. But wait! That's not all; you also get to play it again.

It seems Arkham City is great at delivering shit endings. At least the developers are consistent over all games.

Next I finished Super Street Fighter IV. It was the first time I really played it as I only dabbled in it previously. It was all over in just under eight minutes thanks to a bevy of Tiger uppercuts, Tiger knees and no continues.

Best of all I did this without swearing like a sailor, as I would at home. It's not that I care about what strangers think of me or that I'd offend someone (like the old lady beside me) but my boss and General Manager were within three seats of me and something tells me that calling The Joker a dirty little motherfucker is not a career enhancing move.

Have you ever played the inflight games or do you stick to what you know?


  1. Isn't it somewhat ironic that you love to write but hate reading? lol

  2. Very! The other funny thing is that if I read more, my writing would improve. I just can't focus on the text for that long and any information isn't retained so I find myself referring back all the time.

  3. Hahaha I love reading. It is awesome as an escape mechanism from the super over sized person trying to squeeze i next to me on the bus.

    On the point of in flight gaming, I have an iPhone for a reason. Those moments between turning off my phone for take-off, and being able to turn it back on are the most daunting times of any flight for me.