Sunday, July 8

Burnt by an old flame

I've finished every game in the Metal Gear Solid saga and loved them to death; I've even bested both of the AC!D games on PSP. Solid and Naked Snake are two of my favourite characters across any storytelling medium, videogames be damned. I've finished each instalment several times -- I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've beaten the original MGS on PlayStation -- with the exception of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

It's not for a lack of love for the game, nor was it because I disliked Raiden (I actually prefer the MGS2 version of Jack to the bat shit crazy cyber ninja from Guns of the Patriots), the surreal final hours or even needing to escort Emma in the Plant chapter (and I freaking hate escort missions). No, I can't do Metal Gear Solid 2 again for fear of being spotted at the end of the Tanker chapter. That lengthy, panic-inducing stealth sequence gets me every time.

For the record, I've snuck through that epic briefing unnoticed five times; but each time the Plant chapter commences, I'm completely exhausted. Spent before the largest portion of the game even gets off the ground! When I do manage to press on after surfacing in the Big Shell, I can usually only make it to the whole bomb diffusal section and then it all becomes too much. I'm hoping that now, with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, I'll be able to get over that panic-inducing stealth hump in the Tanker Chapter and finish MGS2 once again.

I've got both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions on hand, so I can enjoy the benefits of Transfarring (sigh) technology; an awkwardly named  feature that allows me to transfer my saves between the home console and portable versions.

Wish me luck!

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