Saturday, November 5

A Time To Kill

It's been a quiet week on the old gaming front for me but that doesn't mean the conversations have stopped.

It turns out there are a number of gamers walking the halls at work who are overly excited about the release and ongoing fray of Battlefield 3.

Resorting only to the campaign when presented with server problems, the boys have been more than enthusiastic to tell me all about the multiplayer aspect and their growing faction of players.

Tales of staying up for 18-24hrs trying to take each other down, sneakily setting up software while their respective partners are preoccupied to ensure maximum playtime and severe hangover woes have kept many entertained between the boasting of kill ratios, tactics talk and comparisons to other FPSs.

It's also clear that at my work you are either a Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 fan, with the only exception being that if you have a child who is into MW you can have the best of both worlds.

Seeing this enthusiasm for gaming is a refreshing change of pace for the guys at work, with most PC talk revolving around Oracle or Office products.

I'll be giving BF3 a crack at some stage but only on the 360 and once Arkham City has been cleaned up with my masked justice...and once MW3 is finished.

What is your preferred franchise - Battlefield or COD/Modern Warfare?

1 comment:

  1. Both have their strengths.

    The Battlefield games, with their vehicular shenanigans have moments that you'll tell and re-tell until your voice becomes hoarse. They do require quite a large time investment though.

    CoD games have that pick-up and play quality which is a great hit with consumers at the moment.

    Bottom line is: if I have a spare few hours, I'll play Battlefield. If I have 30 minutes, I'll play CoD.