Wednesday, November 30

The spoils of war (or Movember, as it were)

Dear Readers,
My effort

I'm proud to announce that Team Unbearable Dutch raised nearly $1300 (thirteen hundred dollars!!!) for the Movember Foundation and its partners, beyondblue and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Thank you to all of those who donated this year, and thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement (or derision in some cases :p).

You may remember my goal of besting Tom Selleck's legendary moustache. I may not have managed to do that, but - thanks in great part to my Mo Bro and fellow contributor, Dawson - we may have made the lives of Australian men that little bit better.

I've heard a few stories over the course of the month that has me convinced that this is something that I need to do every year. I can deal with an unsightly upper lip if it means a brighter future for dads, brothers and sons across the nation. Next year, I implore more of you to join us!

Do you have any Movember stories? I'd love to hear them.

In any case, thanks again to all of you for your support. Here's to a better tomorrow for all!
You still have a few hours left to donate too! If you're in a position to support our Movember efforts, please visit the following link:
Dawson's mo (Believe me,
there's a mo there somewhere)

Cheers: To another successful Movember!



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