Saturday, November 12

The Warfare of Modern Warfare

This is the first of two posts I'll be doing in the coming weeks on the changing face of gaming.

There's no doubt that games have been marketed and received differently than in the past. They are a prime source of entertainment for millions around the world with releases breaking records for sales over and over, rivaling and exceeding those of Hollywood summer blockbuster films.

But how desperate are we to be the first to play these games? Are you that keen that you'll join the mob at the EB /JB/Game midnight releases? Would you buy more V energy drinks than ever required for your chance to win a private playing party? Or are you willing to bypass the retail scene and turn to an act of crime?

While pirating games is illegal (and half the PC version of the game was available via BitTorrent sites two weeks prior to its release), this isn't what I'm talking about.

On the eve of the worldwide release of MW3, two separate armed robberies occurred in France with one team crashing into a van, attacking the drivers with pepper spray and making off with 6,000 copies of the game. The other robbery involved taking the drivers at knifepoint.

In total the thieves made away with three quarters of a million Euros in games, reportedly selling at least one copy for $1,725.

Furthermore, a Missouri man frustrated with long lines to buy the game followed another man home and tried to take it at gunpoint. The owner was not willing to give up his copy so he fought back, surprising the attacker who fled, only to be picked up by police soon after.

More drama in the US unfolded as an angry customer threatened to blow up a Best Buy in order to get his preordered copy.

What is happening to the world? Preordered games are in store and guarantee you will be playing later that day. Why pay four figure sums for a game that will be released the next day for 5% of the cost of the stolen copy.

Is this a world gone mad for pixelated awesomeness, a sign of hard times or an increase in modern stupidity?

Have you played yet? What did you pay, where did you get it and what are your thoughts?


  1. I picked up the Hardened Edition for $157. First time I've bought a game at retail since February.

    MW3 sold more than Black Ops on day one, making it the biggest launch in entertainment history. I think for some, there's recognition that you can get more than your money's worth out of a CoD game. Sure they're stale, but you know what you're getting.

  2. I actually took the egg before the chicken route to getting this game. I bought the game for $77 from The Good Guys, then went to EB and bought a 320Gb PS3 w/- Uncharted 3 & Mass Effect 2 for $440. This was last thursday and as I was in the store the 'street date' for Skyrim broke so I bought it as well. Needless to say that the only game that has copped much attention is Skyrim. I am looking forward to some multiplayer fun with MW3 at some stage though.