Wednesday, May 23

The Ghost Of You and Me

My 360 still isn't fixed and I might just be having some sort of pixel withdrawal.

It could be the feeling that a whole bunch of everything has been jammed into my weeks lately, or just the result of reduced sleep thanks to my favourite son changing his nightly slumber patterns, but I've been seeing things differently.

Recently I was mowing the lawn and started thinking about the time prior. All of a sudden I could see my ghost, much like in Gran Turismo, and his pace was much better. Needless to say the lawn looks pretty average thanks to my rushing...but I smashed that pale bastards time.

Thankfully I'm not seeing coins on the road as I drive...

Once I thought I saw a freight train crossing the highway at 2am but that was the result of too many energy drinks too early in the evening and a ridiculously fast sugar crash.

I'm keen to send off my console soon and sort the situation out. My list of games is steadily growing from Rayman (damn your convincing prose, Dutch!) and Max Payne 3 to an Arkham Asylum reprise and a dabble in XBLA.

If you were without games due to life's little distractions, which would you miss the most? Have you ever gone a bit stir crazy with such absence?

1 comment:

  1. FIFA and COD.

    However, upon playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier, I would now include that. I love that game (Granted only about 3-4 hours has been slotted into it).

    Tristan, I strongly suggest you get into it, very enjoyable. I would be more than happy (if I can find the time) to write up the MP for you, coming from a COD and BF background, having never really dabbled in third person shooters online (outside of a small foray into UC's MP offering).