Friday, May 25

There are some things you should never do

For Bev and Dash.

You should never answer the phone while sitting on the toilet.
You may just receive news that you're not sure how to deal with,
being left literally and figuratively,
with your pants around your ankles.

You should never assume.
What might seem lonely to some,
is a life dedicated to people and principles.
Thousands remember you and love you as family.

You should never be led.
Do what makes you happy,
even if it makes no sense to anyone else.
Acceptance starts with you. 

You should never ignore a cry for help;
even if you're not sure that you're helping,
even if you don't really know the caller that well.
We all need to know someone cares.

You should never lose touch.
You'd never think it possible with all this technology.
I should've known you better,
though what we had was still fun.

You should never doubt yourself;
even when things turn to shit,
even when there's no apparent means of escape.
Things will get better.  

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