Tuesday, May 8

Screw You And Your Glossy Packaging

It's happened again.

My beloved Xbox 360 has decided to stop working and it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

It's not like I've been playing it much (for those keeping score this is my first post in three-ish weeks) but typically I'm becoming more available to play games or wanting to write and am in need of inspiration. Or, and this is most common, some dickhead has annoyed me and I want to blow off some steam and alien heads from their necks.

At least this time it was only two red lights (overheating issue) as opposed to the three last time (red ring of death).

What really annoys me is that this is the second occurrence of the dreaded red lights of heartbreak in around four years. Not only is this disappointing from a gaming perspective but from a tight assed consumer perspective I now need to spend the equivalent of a new release game to get it fixed and am also without a key part of technology in my home.

I know I'm not alone in this issue but I'm not sure if it's slightly comforting or adding to my woes. From memory, Dutch went through three consoles however there were enough complaints received by Microsoft that they tripled their initial warranty period to cover the large number of returns.

With no sign of the next console in sight this year, it looks like I'll bite the bullet and get old whitey fixed and then upgrade in due course.

How many times have you seen red? Uppity PS3 users with a superiority complex and their lack of red console lights need not reply!


  1. I feel for you, bro. 3 for me, just as many for Rubes.

    My PS3 is working just fine BTW :P

  2. To make you feel better Dawson, my PS3 died... after 5 years of hard service! It finally succumbed to many hours of COD and various football and wrestling games being played on it.

    My new one is running like a dream though!

  3. That's a win for me (ignoring the fact it's lasted longer and the only one in existence that broke)