Wednesday, May 16

Raiden answers life's big questions

I'm a bit krazy for Mortal Kombat at the moment. The PlayStation Vita version has me nothing short of kaptivated. I've just konquered the story mode which -- save for two inkredibly cheap boss fights -- is the best I've played in the history of the genre. Yeah, the narrative may be a little too serious and at odds with the laugh-out-loud hyperviolence that permeates through the entire package, but it's challenging and well worth experiencing.

The sound effects in Mortal Kombat are what sell the brutality to me. This can primarily be attributed to the less than impressive visuals in the Vita version. It's not a komplete mess, but kompared to the kalibre of the home konsole versions' display, it just doesn't kut it. Luckily enough, the X-Ray moves and Fatalities krunch and squelch just how I think they should, and I still snicker after seeing most stomach-turning attacks for the fiftieth time.

The nonsensical noises that most fighters make when performing attacks is key to the humour of this instalment of the series. Liu Kang's high pitched howling is sekond only to Raiden's skreaming which doesn't seem to have changed after all these years. A friend (thanks, Mike!) introduced me to this video that tries to show us what Raiden's really trying to tell us when he's kicking asses across realms and worlds.

I feel enlightened now. If you want any further Mortal Kombat flavoured lols, check out this brilliant piece from Samir Torres and Jason Lomberg of Bitmob fame.

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