Saturday, December 3

Animated Antics

As the year draws to a close, so do many of the great TV shows (yes I realize this is a gaming blog). The one I'm thinking of specifically is The Ultimate Fighter.

For those uninitiated just think the Big Brother house but filled with mixed martial artists who fight weekly for the chance to win a six figure UFC contract. Unlike Big Brother though, it's both entertaining and watchable.

Anyway I just watched the last semi final fight and couldn't help but think a muscular, shaved and Brazilian Mario was in the octagon.

The way he threw a couple of flying knees looked like he was doing Mario's signature jump. His wild punches were just missing a certain flower inspired flame and his speed to get to his downed opponent would've crossed any gap in the Mario universe.

The fight was like something you might see on Super Smash Bros, with his opponent resembling a lightly bearded Princess Peach, resulting in the ultimate role reversal - rather than constantly saving Peach, Mario just sent her to the hospital.

I associate his opponent to Peach not due to any feminine features but because of the way he would spin like a girl every time he attempted to block or even take Mario's beast like attacks.

This season (14) was one of the best and highly recommend it if you decide to put down the controller. It might even help you get inspired for UFC Undisputed 3 which is slated for release in February (and features Australia's own George Sotiropoulos!). Don't watch season 13 though; it was shit house at best.

I'm clearly not playing games at the moment, what are you doing?

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